eQuran 2.2.55

Source:Baqa Creatives

★★★ Search Engine for Arabic, English, Spanish & Urdu included ★★★

eQuran - a complete Qur’an with specialized features for all users (from beginners to advanced), to read, recite and memorize the Holy Qur’an.

Qur’an Search Engine including Arabic search and the advanced audio features of this application make it unique among all other Qur’an apps on the Android market. Elegant Arabic font, full screen mode and complete portrait and landscape support makes the Qur’an reading experience enjoyable.

★ Elegant and intuitive interface.
★ Multi-Touch surah index with a spacious and smooth tracking that lets you jump directly to display juzz/para, surah, play audio, information and statistics in single touch.
★ A powerful Qur’an Search Engine offers Arabic text search support.
★ Option to search any word or phrase in Arabic, English, Spanish, Urdu or in transliteration.
★ Fully customizable audio controls for listening the Surahs (or selected range of verses) with repeat, pause, FF and RW features.
★ Advanced audio repeat options to help with memorization --- repeat a single verse multiple times, repeat on reaching the end of a surah or select a range of verses to loop over.
★ Synchronized display of the ayahs and selected translation(s) during playback.
★ Verse by verse recitation by Abdul Baset Abdul Samad, Mahmud Khaleel Al-Husary, Muhammad Ayyoob bin Muhammad Yoosuf or Sa`ud ibn Ibrahim Ash-Shuraim.
★ Multiple translations display during playback for comparison and better understanding. Includes the famous translations by (English) Shakir, Muhsin Khan & Pickthall, (Spanish) Julio Cortos and (Urdu) Jalandhry.
★ Transliteration of the complete Qur’an for people who cannot read Arabic.
★ Unlimited bookmarks, direct jump to bookmarked ayah and a separate Bookmark section to manage all the bookmarks.
★ Quick surah or verse jumping using a unique and easy to use sliding bar.
★ Multi-scroll main index screen for Surahs and Juzz / Para.
★ Information about every surah including meanings of the surah name, number of ayahs, rukus, Makki/Madani, traditional order and the chronological order.
★ In-depth statistics displaying total number of letters, words and verses in every surah and in the complete Quran.
★ Statistics include the occurrence of each letter in the selected surah as well as in the whole Quran, its percentage and rank.
★ Sharp and crisp vector display and both Portrait and Landscape support in all screens
★ Full access to read, playback and translations while you offline (no data connection).
★ App is designed to install on SD card.
★ Plus much more.

★ Free future updates --- We continue working to improve and enhance eQuran. Our next update will include more translations and recitations. Just keep an eye for the updates to download it free.

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